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Traditional Adoption Through A Child-Placing Agency

Working with a child-placing agency is among the most common approaches that people take when adopting a child in the United States. However, although the process is common, it is still remarkably complex, with numerous requirements that adoptive parents need to understand. There is a lot involved in this process and a lot at stake. Make sure you hire a lawyer you can trust to help you through it.

At Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, you will find an attorney with more than 25 years of experience helping clients with all their adoption needs in Augusta and throughout Georgia. Shawn Hammond will help you understand the complexities of the process and walk you through every step until your adoption is complete.

What Is An Agency Adoption?

An agency adoption is the “traditional” type of adoption that many people think of when someone says they are adopting a child or putting a child up for adoption. In the agency adoption process, the birth mother transfers her parental rights to an adoption agency, then the adoption agency puts the child up for adoption.

If you are seeking to adopt a child from an agency, Shawn can help you:

  • Find a good agency: Shawn has  more than a decade of experience working with the different agencies in and around Augusta. He can give you referrals to the agencies we have come to trust.
  • Review your contract: Shawn will look at the adoption contract from the agency and make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities.
  • Finalize the adoption: Shawn will help you through every step of the administrative processes – as well as any court appearances and petitions – to make sure your adoption goes through completely.
  • Manage post-placement issues: Shawn can help you navigate the post-adoption visits and protect your rights if any legal issues arise post-adoption.

Shawn Hammond understands the challenges you can face during and after the adoption process. He is here to help you.

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