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The strain of divorce in Georgia can lead to health problems


Divorcing couples in Georgia are subject to a significant amount of physical and emotional stress that can lead to serious long-term health issues.

Stress is a factor any time there is a major life change. A study by the American Institute of Stress reveals that relationship issues, such as divorce, are in the top five leading causes of stress in the United States. In addition to the negative emotions often at play during the end of a relationship, a couple in Georgia who are divorcing may be faced with a move, financial difficulties and many other issues.

According to the State Bar of Georgia, even though Georgia is a no-fault divorce state, there are fault grounds for divorce, as well, including wrongdoing such as drug addiction, adultery and the emotional trauma that comes from the accusations and evidence. When a couple is going through a no-fault divorce, the fact that one spouse must establish that the relationship cannot be reconciled can be the cause of considerable distress.

Physical effects

Although acute stress can have positive effects, such as preparing a person to deal with a dangerous situation, in long term situations where a person does not get a break from the source of tension, chronic stress causes serious health problems. The physical effects stemming from the initial strain of dividing assets and determining custody and visitation issues may last long after new routines and relationships are established.

WebMD states that chronic stress is the source of 75 to 90 percent of the issues that send people to the doctor’s office. Physical responses to stress often include the following:

• Headaches

• Diabetes

• High blood pressure

• Heart problems

• Digestive problems

Every person responds to stress differently and for some people, they may even lose their hair or struggle with insomnia.

Handling stress

The American Psychological Association recommends that spouses reduce the stress of divorce by establishing a sense of cooperation and open communication whenever possible. This can be facilitated by preparing for negotiations beforehand by creating a script of topics during a less emotional time. Planning ahead may be able to prevent discussions from dissolving into emotional battles that increase stress and reduce any chances of a peaceful agreement.

Although some may associate hiring an attorney with the strain of a court battle, many people find that by seeking professional legal help, they are able to resolve disputes over property division or child custody more amicably. An attorney who is familiar with the divorce laws in Georgia may be able to provide the representation that a person needs in order to reduce the stress of divorce for everyone involved.