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In Georgia, what could happen if you receive a fourth DUI?

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2022 | DUI

Beyond just losing your license, a DUI conviction can have major repercussions in many different areas of your life. It may have an impact on your liberty, relationships, and even your career.

If you ever find yourself facing your fourth conviction, you’ll probably be anxious about what comes next, especially when jail time is a possibility.

Here are some details on the potential consequences of a fourth DUI and what you should do next.

Fourth offense DUI penalties in Georgia

Courts in Georgia take repeat DUI offenses seriously and they impose harsher penalties to reflect this. A fourth DUI conviction within ten years is a felony offense and carries mandatory jail time and a fine.

The penalties include:

  • A fine ranging from $1,000 to $5,000
  • Mandatory jail time of at least one year, with sentences of up to five years
  • 60 days of community service
  • Five years of probation (reduced for the amount of time spent in jail)
  • 10 year license suspension
  • 17 weeks of alcohol and drug counseling
  • Publication of your photo in the local newspaper (at your own expense)

Mitigating circumstances

When facing a fourth DUI conviction, there will frequently be some form of mitigation that can be presented. If there is any suggestion that the prosecution’s evidence was gathered improperly or unlawfully, you might also be able to object to it.

Judges have the discretion to decide how long you’ll spend in jail and how much you’ll be fined. Early identification of mitigating factors allows for their consideration, which may reduce the severity of the penalties you face. It’s crucial, therefore, to make sure you receive legal assistance as soon as possible.


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