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3 special considerations when preparing to file a military divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 13, 2023 | Military Divorce

In many ways, a divorce involving a couple with at least one person in the military is largely like any other divorce. It will be the Georgia state family courts that oversee divorce proceedings, and therefore the same laws typically apply to military families as any other families considering divorce.

However, there are certain noteworthy, practical implications related to the impact of military service on the family unit. There will be some special issues and challenges that your family will need to address during the divorce process or afterward. What special considerations may influence the military divorce that will not affect civilian families?

1. The need to notify chain of command

When someone files for divorce, they don’t necessarily need to tell their employer. Unless there will be a change of benefits because of the divorce, not even human resources necessarily needs to know about someone’s changing family situation.

Some people try to keep their divorces as private as possible. In the military, however, this typically not possible to be discreet about a divorce. You will need to inform your chain of command and make an update to your family care plan that helps support the family in the event of deployment.

2. Benefits complications

A career in the military comes with numerous benefits, from a military pension to a housing stipend. There are many ways in which military benefits can complicate pending divorces. Especially if the couple lives on-base, there can be a lot of changes in a short amount of time.

Couples may need to negotiate the division of a pension or make arrangements for healthcare. The servicenumber may also need to adjust their budget to reflect the changing benefits and pay they will have when their family changes.

3. How certain accusations carry more weight

For most couples, accusations of infidelity do nothing except exacerbate emotional tensions in a Georgia divorce. When the accused cheater is a servicemember, those accusations could potentially have career consequences. Especially if the alleged infidelity took place while someone was working, they could face any number of consequences.

Similarly, allegations of domestic violence can have much more damaging consequences for a service member than an average person. A criminal conviction might limit someone’s eligibility for military service.

When you understand how military divorce is different than civilian divorce, you can better prepare a strategy that will work for your family. Preparing for the unique challenges of a military divorce before you file or end up in court will take a lot of the stress out of the process.

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