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7 primary steps of the adoption process in Georgia

On Behalf of | May 8, 2023 | Adoptions

The adoption process should be straightforward but could become complex based on the circumstances. The procedures could vary depending on what kind of adoption it is.

Usually, private adoption is simpler than its public counterpart. However, the process could take a long time because of evaluations and waiting periods between steps.

Regardless of length, all types of adoption typically have seven primary stages. The process in Georgia has the following steps:

  • Inquiry: The process starts when a family makes an initial inquiry. They will receive essential information about adoption and what happens next.
  • Information sessions: The family will attend sessions discussing the requirements for the process. Then, a resource development worker will conduct a home visit.
  • Pre-service training: During this step, the family will prepare for the adoption by attending an adoption preparation program. It includes 23 hours of learning time after enrolling through the local Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) or licensed private adoption agency.
  • Family evaluation: After completing the program, the evaluation process begins. The Adoption Exchange will receive the assessment, allowing them to consider the family for a child.
  • Preplacement: This step includes identifying a child the family could adopt. However, this period could be lengthy. Fortunately, families could attend match meetings or parties to learn more about other families in similar situations.
  • Placement: Once the DFCS identifies a match, they will set up meetings to help familiarize the family and the child with each other. Then, the family will sign a placement agreement to establish the arrangement.
  • Finalization: The DFCS will issue a release, allowing the family to petition for adoption. Then, they will attend a hearing to finalize the process.

Still, families could encounter changes along the process due to varying factors, such as the adoption type or if the child has special needs.

It is not just a process; it is a journey

Adopting a child is a journey. Your family could find support from one another when facing roadblocks and accomplishments along the way.

Ultimately, you could confidently welcome a new child into your home, knowing they will have the same nurturing and loving environment you have been living in.

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