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What must be in addressed in a Georgia parenting plan?

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2024 | Child Custody

When a Georgia couple ends parts ways, child custody is one of the most difficult aspects of the situation. Even when the decision as to which parent will have custody has been made, parenting time can also be a challenge. According to state law, parents can write separate parenting plans or work together to write a parenting plan and submit it to the court.

Key points about crafting a parenting plan

There are specific points that must be addressed in the parenting plan. Except for when the child’s safety is at risk by being with a parent, both sides are expected to acknowledge that the child having a relationship with both the custodial and noncustodial parent is imperative to their development and will serve their best interest.

A parenting plan will be put in effect based on the child’s needs at the time. Each side needs to be aware of and accept that modifications might need to be made as the child gets older and their needs change.

The parent who has physical custody at the time will make the decisions on behalf of the child. That includes decisions that must be made in an emergency and without consulting with the other parent. Both parents are expected to willingly share information about the child. That includes school records, medical records, religion and their extracurricular activities.

Other factors that must be considered include when the child will be with each parent, how transportation will be handled and how decisions will be made. These are common topics for dispute and parents should be prepared for it while trying to keep conflict to a minimum.

For example, a parent might want to have the child for an extended period while school is out; there could be a desire to have the child for major holidays and birthdays; or the noncustodial parent could want to take the child on vacation. These can all be navigated in the proposed parenting plan. Disputes can even arise with transporting the child and pickup locations. The court will want the parents to be clear about this as it considers the options.

Parents must be prepared when deciding on a parenting plan

With child custody and parenting time, it can be difficult for the parents to get on the same page. The court will want the parents to provide input on their preferred template and how they will work together for the child. Regardless of whether the parents are on good terms or not, it is wise to understand the law and to have guidance from the outset.

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