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College Mistakes Can Follow You

College students can get into trouble in various ways, but when a criminal charge is involved, the consequences can be serious. Many students and parents worry about the impact that a criminal record will have on a student’s future with regard to job prospects, graduate or professional school admission, or military enlistment.

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, is skilled at finding solutions that greatly reduce the impact of student offense charges. He is highly responsive to the needs and concerns of parents and students, remaining available by cellphone even after our office is closed.

Knowing The Stakes Of What’s Ahead

Shawn provides representation to students from schools in the Augusta area, including Augusta University, Paine College and Augusta Technical College in matters involving:

  • DUI misdemeanors
  • Sex offense allegations
  • Petty theft, shoplifting and larceny charges related to dormitories, college property and off-campus areas
  • Assaults, bar fights and party-related problems
  • Underage drinking, minor consumption and fake ID use
  • Drug offenses, including possession of marijuana and cocaine, and distribution charges
  • Weapons offenses

If your child has been charged with a crime on campus or a student offense, talk to an experienced defense lawyer who understands how to handle college and student offenses in this part of Georgia.

An Attorney With Real Experience Representing College Students

Attorney Shawn Hammond, a graduate of the former Augusta State University, has been practicing defense law in local courts since 1996. Mr. Hammond is known for being aggressive in protecting his clients’ legal rights and working to minimize the consequences of a criminal charge. Contact the firm for assistance with your situation. Shawn can be reached at 706-993-2785. He will be happy to answer your questions.