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Protecting Your Child’s Future

In Georgia, juvenile courts handle a wide variety of matters that affect children, teens and their families. Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, can help with all of them. Attorney Shawn Hammond knows the juvenile court system and can walk you through it so that you get the best results possible.

When A Child Or Teen Gets In Trouble At School

When minors get in trouble at school, it can mean criminal charges and a required appearance before a school tribunal. Shawn can represent your child at school disciplinary hearings and in juvenile court.

  • Defense of deprivation or delinquency petitions: With so much pressure on families today, sometimes, things are not picture-perfect. Allegations are made that families are not providing enough for their children or parenting their children properly.
  • Legitimation actions: Often, the way to prove that a child born outside of marriage is yours is by getting a paternity test. Shawn can answer your questions about paternity, helping you take action. In Georgia, legitimation actions can only be brought by a father in juvenile court.
  • Termination of parental rights: Often, before a stepparent adoption or an award of grandparent custody, parental rights must be terminated in juvenile court.
  • Juvenile traffic offenses: New drivers sometimes make mistakes. They sometimes get falsely accused. When they do, we represent them in juvenile court.
  • Juvenile criminal matters: Lawyer Hammond also handles criminal charges against minors. He fights hard to defend children and teens so that they can put past mistakes behind them and put their best foot forward into the future.

Shawn knows how damaging these issues can be to families, so he prepares a strong defense. Shawn can also help families get access to the support they may need to make things right.

Here To Help Your Child Move Forward

Attorney Hammond is familiar with juvenile court in Georgia and can guide you through the process. He knows that mistakes happen, but they shouldn’t affect your child’s education or future. Contact the firm to find out more about juvenile law from an experienced attorney by calling 706-993-2785.