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Focused On Children’s Best Interests

As a parent, your top priority is the well-being of your child. However, during a divorce, child custody can quickly become a major source of conflict. A child is not a bargaining chip. In fact, dragging a child into the middle of a contentious dispute can result in emotional turbulence and devastation.

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, always put the interests of children first. Attorney Shawn Hammond truly wants what’s best for your child and will fight fiercely to help you achieve it. As a former military man, Shawn is not afraid to take action where action is needed.

How Are Custodial Orders Determined?

The question of “Who gets custody of the children?” can be incredibly difficult to answer for divorcing couples. Let Shawn safeguard your child’s interests in a custody and visitation dispute. Physical custody and visitation are legal terms defining with whom a child will live and how time with the other parent will be divided.

In Georgia, laws do not favor either the mother or the father. Court decisions are based on a child’s relationship with each parent, as demonstrated by their attorneys. Determining what is in the best interests of the child is the primary objective in all child custody cases. In some situations, this may even mean granting custody to a petitioning grandparent.

Taking A Candid Approach To Your Case

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, is committed to only taking child custody cases when a parent truly wants what’s best for their child. If your intentions are anything otherwise, the firm is now the one for you. Shawn Hammond takes a straightforward approach to custodial cases, telling it like he sees it. He will evaluate your options and carefully explain potential outcomes.

Modification Of Orders Is An Option

Child custody arrangements are never final. Room for modification always exists, given a substantial change in circumstances. Whether you are a military parent in need of a temporary order due to deployment or you and your child need to relocate out of state, Shawn can help.

Strategic Legal Counsel For Child Custody Issues

No matter what your child custody need is, Shawn Hammond can make a difference for you. Contact the Evans office by calling 706-993-2785 to discuss your case.