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Securing The Father-Child Relationship

All children can benefit from a positive relationship with both of their parents, but sometimes the identity of a child’s father can remain unconfirmed. In some situations involving a child born to an unwed mother, questions about paternity and paternal responsibility can be answered with the help of a knowledgeable attorney.

Attorney Shawn Hammond at Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, is experienced in handling paternity cases that help fathers assume their legal rights and responsibilities. He helps clients establish paternity and find legal and financial solutions that provide for children’s needs, support good family relationships and ensure fathers’ rights.

Fighting For Fair Treatment And Fathers’ Rights

If you want to legally establish your relationship with a child, Shawn can represent you. His extensive legal experience includes:

  • Paternity testing and establishment of paternity for unwed fathers: This can involve DNA paternity testing or other means of legally establishing who a child’s father is.
  • Name changes: Fathers can petition for the right to have their children take their surnames, and Shawn can help facilitate this process.
  • Legitimation: In Georgia, legitimation actions can only be brought by a father in juvenile court. With the help of an attorney, a father can obtain important custody rights and establish child support in the same legal proceeding.

Shawn Hammond can answer all of your questions about paternity and legitimation. Mr. Hammond is a lawyer familiar with juvenile courts in Georgia and can guide you through the necessary legal processes.

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Contact the firm for advice from an experienced attorney by calling 866-901-0209. Shawn has helped many unwed fathers protect their legal rights and lay the groundwork for positive relationships with their children.