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A Realistic Strategy For Your Divorce

No one ever wants their marriage to end in divorce, but sometimes, things get to a point where divorce is inevitable. When you are contemplating divorce, talk to Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, about your options.

Attorney Shawn Hammond helps clients and their children through the divorce process. Located in Evans and working with clients from across the Augusta area, attorney Shawn Hammond can help you understand Georgia’s laws involving divorce, property division and child custody so that you can make decisions that are right for you and your children.

What Happens During A Divorce?

Georgia divorce law involves many legal decisions. Among other things, in divorce, spouses must discuss issues such as:

  • Division of property and debts
  • Child custody orders and visitation
  • Child support and alimony
  • Other important issues

Although modification may be possible in the future, it is very important for couples to make decisions they can live with. Sometimes, these discussions are easy. Sometimes, they are difficult. This can be particularly true when the grounds for divorce involve adultery or other marital faults. While spouses may seek a no-fault divorce under Georgia law, faults such as adultery may come into play when addressing spousal support/alimony disputes or property division disputes.

A Lawyer You Can Trust To Fight For Your Priorities

When a fight is needed to protect your rights, Shawn never hesitates to take action for you. He knows what you are entitled to, and he makes sure that no one takes that away from you during your divorce. Attorney Hammond is as tough in court as he was fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. He will not be intimidated by your spouse’s legal counsel. Nor is he intimidated by handling complex issues in military divorces.

At the same time, sometimes, a fight isn’t the best way for families to resolve their differences during a divorce. Working collaboratively saves couples time, money and emotional stress. It can be best for children, who, then, won’t have to be exposed to a long, drawn-out legal battle. When couples collaborate on a plan that works for them, they often do not have to depend on a judge’s ruling to create all the terms of the divorce, and they may save money on legal fees and court costs. They can make sure that the divorce agreement or legal separation agreement works for them and their unique needs.

With over 25 years of legal experience and 25 years of military service, attorney Hammond has handled more than 2,000 cases throughout his career and can provide the experienced and aggressive representation you need in divorce.

Experienced. Strategic. Aggressive.

At Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, Mr. Hammond takes the approach that works best for your divorce needs, whether it involves negotiating a divorce settlement or litigating a resolution in court. He knows your needs because he talks with you every step of the way. He is easy to speak with, and he tries hard to always be accessible.

Call the firm at 706-993-2785 or send an email for experienced legal help. Free initial phone consultations are provided.