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A Lawyer Who Knows Military Law

When civilian law relates to service personnel, military law often places special requirements or rules on them. It is critical that service personnel hire attorneys who know both civilian and military law.

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, has experience with both. Augusta, Georgia, lawyer Shawn Hammond has been practicing law since 1996, except for the two years he spent in active duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. He knows military law, and he understands how it applies to service members.

A Former Soldier On Your Side

When the firm takes military cases, attorney Hammond makes sure that clients make decisions that are best for their civilian goals and their military careers. Talk to him about your concerns. He handles a broad range of issues, including military legitimation, deployment orders and personal injury cases for military members. Mr. Hammond handles other legal matters as well, such as:

  • Military divorce: When one or both spouses are in the military, a fair divorce requires special knowledge of military law, including the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA). Do not just hire any divorce lawyer – hire an attorney who knows military law.
  • Military driving under the influence (DUI) and criminal defense: Soldiers can experience career-ending consequences from a DUI or criminal conviction. A first conviction can mean a letter of reprimand. A second conviction can lead to your getting chaptered out. If you have been arrested for drunk driving or another crime, act quickly to fight back. Call Shawn P. Hammond and Associates to talk about your options.
  • Military custody: Enlisting in the military can be a great step toward making a better life for you and your children, but someone else may need to take temporary custody while you are away. At our firm, Mr. Hammond can help you transfer temporary child custody to someone else – a parent, a sibling or another relative – while you begin your military career.

We know that when you are in the military, your experience is one of a kind. No civilian could ever completely understand what you have been through. At Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, we know the military.

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