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Military Members And Child Custody

Child custody issues can be among the most stressful challenges that you will ever face, and the anxiety can be even worse if you are in the military. As a parent who loves your children, you want to make sure that you have the best possible arrangements for spending time with them and helping them grow up.

If you are in the military or your ex-spouse is a service member, you should utilize the services of an experienced military divorce lawyer if you are concerned about child custody. Attorney Shawn Hammond can help you protect your legal rights and will work to secure a fair child custody situation that will benefit your kids.

Experience Is Critical In Military Custody Matters

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, represents service members in divorce, child custody and other serious legal matters that require a real understanding of military issues and concerns, such as the following:

  • Do you need modification of child custody?: If your living situation or life circumstances have changed, you may be able to have an existing child custody order changed. Shawn can help you petition a court for a modification, if appropriate.
  • Are you worried about child support, alimony or your military benefits?: Shawn can help you handle important financial issues that relate to divorce and child custody, including child support or alimony payments and military benefits.
  • Are you deployed?: A parent’s deployment can leave children in limbo and complicate a divorce and child custody situation. Sometimes, when a custodial parent is deployed, the other parent may try to take advantage of their absence. In other cases, a court may treat a service member unfavorably in a divorce decree. For these reasons, it is important to get the help of an attorney who fully understands what it means to be deployed and can help you protect your legal rights.

A Soldier. A Lawyer. An Advocate For You.

Contact for assistance with your military divorce or child custody matter by calling 866-901-0209. In addition to having a history of success in Georgia family courts, attorney Hammond is a 25-year military veteran with extensive knowledge of military issues that relate to divorce and child custody. He has himself been deployed to Afghanistan and Iraq, so he understands the challenges of active duty.