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A Lawyer Who Knows Military Divorce Issues

Compared with a typical civilian divorce, military divorces can involve special legal issues. Lawyers who don’t know military law may miss things, costing you time, money and heartache. At the Augusta, Georgia, attorney Shawn Hammond with Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, is experienced in military divorce law, so he knows how to handle matters like serving an active-duty spouse or dividing marital property. He knows that special federal laws, like the Uniformed Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act (USFSPA), often apply. He uses those laws to get the best results possible for you.

Shawn focuses on military divorce, but he also represents military families in matters like military custody and stepparent adoption. Contact him by calling 706-993-2785.

Benefits In Military Divorce

Most people don’t know what they’re entitled to. The soldiers are the ones in harm’s way, but often, it is military spouses who bear the burden of maintaining a secure home. They are left behind to worry about loved ones who are away and in danger. During a military divorce, they should be recognized with the compensation they deserve.

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, tells clients that the USFSPA governs how military retirement benefits are calculated and divided during a divorce. Under this military law, a spouse who passes the 20/20/20 test (where the military member has completed 20 years of service, the couple has been married for 20 years and the marriage overlaps the period of service by at least 20 years) may receive full health care benefits plus commissary and PX privileges. Attorneys who don’t know the USFSPA are doing their clients a great disservice.

Military divorce lawyers also must know that service members get a cost of living allowance (COLA) based on where they are stationed. Most lawyers don’t know that changes in location mean raises. A knowledgeable lawyer can represent you to make sure that you get the child support you deserve when your ex-spouse’s COLA increases.

Choose An Attorney With A Detailed Understanding Of Military Benefits

If you are not working with a lawyer who knows military law, you could be missing out. Contact attorney Hammond by calling 706-993-2785 for a free phone consultation about military divorce.