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Augusta Stepparent Adoption Lawyers

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For families in which a biological parent has remarried and the stepparent wishes to become a full legal parent, proceeding with a stepparent adoption may be a positive step for the family unit. The Augusta adoption law firm of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates has assisted clients throughout Georgia with stepparent adoptions for over 15 years. They are committed to their clients, their children and the entire family’s best interests.

Some children do not have a true relationship with their absent biological parent and view the stepparent as their mother or father. Stepparent adoptions ensure stability and security for the child and permit the stepparent to become a full legal parent. If desired, the child’s last name can be changed as part of the adoption process. Some courts require an adoption evaluation in stepparent adoptions.

The Augusta adoption law firm of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates are Georgia stepparent adoption attorneys dedicated to educating their clients about their options and rights in stepparent adoptions. They will explain the legal rights and the process in clear terms that allow clients to make the best decisions regarding the future of their family. They help each family move through the process as smoothly as possible. Contact their law offices in Augusta, Georgia, to discuss your situation.

Termination of the Biological Parent’s Rights

In a stepparent adoption, the court terminates the rights of the other biological parent. In doing so, the stepparent is able to become the legal mother or legal father of the child. The rights of the stepparent’s spouse are not affected in any way.

Contested Adoptions

A court generally will not grant a stepparent adoption when the child’s legal mother or legal father objects and is participating in the child’s life in a meaningful manner. If a client is hoping to adopt a stepchild and the other biological parent objects to the adoption without merit, the Augusta adoption law firm of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates can explore grounds for the termination of the biological parent’s rights.

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