Mr. Hammond served
in Afghanistan and Iraq,
where he received 9 medals including a Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He has been practicing law since 1996 with an exclusive focus on military law, criminal law, and family law.

Workers’ Compensation

Many of us take it for granted that our workplaces are safe. We go about our days completely oblivious to the potential dangers until, one day, a serious accident occurs. If you were injured while on-the-job, you most likely have a workers’ compensation claim.

Since workers’ compensation is such a complex area of the law, it is relatively easy for injured workers to become confused about the process. As a result, it is easy for employers and insurance companies to take advantage of someone who suffered a workplace injury. In these trying times, securing the counsel of an experienced attorney may be your best option for recovering full benefits.

At the Law Offices of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, in Augusta, Georgia, our workers’ compensation lawyers are prepared to fight for justice. As a former military man, he is combat hardened for courtroom battle. Contact our firm for fierce protection of your rights after a workplace injury.

Are Your Best Interests Being Protected?

Employers and insurance companies want to settle your workers’ compensation claim as quickly and inexpensively as possible. They may deny or undervalue legitimate claims or pressure you into returning to work before you are ready. If you’ve become permanently disabled, you may even be pressured into accepting a low cash settlement.

At the Law Offices of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, we sort out the details, separating fact from fiction. We work to get what you and your family need. Call us before you make an error that affects your right to recover.

Third Party Claims

As both personal injury and a workers’ compensation lawyer, Shawn Hammond know how to identify potential third party claims. A third party claim may arise when a party, outside of your employer, is partially responsible for your injuries. For example, you may have been injured by a defective machine. Here, we can pursue a workers’ compensation claim, as well as an action against the manufacturer of the defective machine and all others in the chain of distribution. Contact us at 706-993-2785 to take the confusion out of the process. We offer a free consultation to discuss how we can help.