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4 privileges when adopting a grandchild with special needs

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2023 | Adoptions, Grandparent Custody

When determining child custody, the court could seek arrangements that fit the family’s unique circumstances. Sometimes, the judge could allow the child’s grandparents to adopt them based on the situation. However, grandparents might encounter challenges caring for a child, especially when they have special needs.

In specific cases, the court has no choice but to place them with their grandparents after reviewing various factors that could affect the child’s welfare. Doing so might burden the grandparents, but they could receive support from diverse sources to help meet the child’s needs. Aside from Social Security and Temporary Assistance benefits, grandparents could be eligible for adoption assistance provided by the local Division of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS).

Based on their circumstances, the adopting grandparents could receive the following:

  • Specific amount paid out monthly for each child
  • Funds for one-time expenses, such as medical expenses, counseling or activities for the children
  • Coverage from Medicaid
  • Payment for adoption costs, including legal expenses

However, the adopting grandparents could only be eligible based on the adoption details of the child with special needs. Additionally, the benefits could vary depending on what the local agency allows. Regardless, these types of adoption assistance could be helpful, especially for grandparents with limited financial resources.

Qualities of a special needs child

These privileges might only apply to adopting grandparents if the child meets the following conditions that define a child with special needs:

  • Eight years old or more
  • African American child who is at least one year old
  • Children from a sibling group with at least three members in one placement
  • A child from a sibling group of two, with one who is at least eight years old and the other has an additional special need
  • Children with any diagnosed physical, emotional or mental impairment

Still, eligibility for adoption assistance could depend on the circumstances of the children’s placement. Fortunately, speaking to the DFCS could provide more clarity regarding these requirements.

Grandparents might feel unequipped to take in their grandchildren with special needs. However, the government has benefits to help them provide for these children’s needs, allowing them to live fruitful lives.

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