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A single domestic violence charge can ruin your life

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2024 | Criminal Defense

Lots of people wind up facing criminal charges related to domestic violence.

Family life can be stressful, and what starts as some friction between spouses or other family members can end with an otherwise productive citizen with no criminal history getting charged with assault, battery or some other crime related to domestic violence.

It can be tempting for a resident of the Augusta area just to plead guilty to put the matter to rest quickly. Prosecutors may even offer a generous deal to a first-time offender that spares the person jail and other more serious criminal penalties.

But, there are many other possible consequences to domestic violence convictions that can haunt a person for years after their criminal case ends.

  • If the person is a parent involved in a custody or visitation matter, Georgia law requires that a judge consider the parent’s domestic violence conviction. The judge may order supervised visits and other restrictions on the parent’s relationship with their children.
  • For non-citizens, a single conviction for a crime related to domestic violence can lead to deportation.
  • Even misdemeanor domestic violence offenses will lead to restrictions on a person’s right to possess and use firearms.
  • There are many professions, especially those related to human services like teaching and medicine, where a domestic violence conviction will mean the end of a person’s career. Likewise, personal opportunities like volunteering, adopting or foster parenting, may not be available to those with convictions.

How might domestic violence convictions affect my military career?

A criminal conviction related to domestic violence in a civilian court will not automatically lead to negative consequences to one’s military career.

However, the conviction at a minimum will make a soldier’s military life more complicated. A person’s superiors can always consider the circumstances behind a conviction when making decisions about a soldier’s career and future in the military.

Moreover, a firearms ban makes it much harder for a soldier to do their jobs.

Soldiers and civilians alike should make sure they understand all their options if they are faced with a criminal charge related to domestic violence.

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