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Were You Arrested For Drunk Driving? We Can Help.

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), call a lawyer as soon as possible. The prosecution builds its case from day one. Calling an experienced Augusta DUI attorney early gives you and your lawyer time to prepare a strong defense against the drunk driving charges. Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, takes action as soon as you call.

When The Stakes Are High, Trust Shawn Hammond

Attorney Shawn Hammond knows that the consequences of a drunk driving conviction can be steep in Georgia. Georgia DUI laws are strict and rigorously enforced. Penalties for a first-offense DUI conviction can include:

  • Costly fines of up to $1,000
  • Driver’s license suspension for up to one year
  • Jail time for up to one year
  • Other consequences

Penalties increase exponentially with each repeat DUI offense.

When you are facing accusations of drunk driving, Shawn prepares a strong DUI/DWI defense. Call 706-993-2785 to discuss how he can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About DUI And DWI

Shawn P. Hammond and Associates, pays close attention to every part of your case to make sure that the police didn’t do anything illegal or anything that violated your rights. Shawn makes sure that they had a valid reason to stop you and a valid reason to think that you might have been drinking. He frequently challenge breath tests and the alleged blood alcohol content (BAC) as well as other police actions.

What if I refuse a breath test?

In Georgia, breath test refusal can be a bad idea. If you refuse a breath test, you are presumed to be guilty of DUI. You then have to fight that presumption in court. Additionally, breath test refusal can result in administrative driver’s license suspension, regardless of the result of your criminal case. It often takes a strong DUI defense lawyer to make a winning case. If you have refused a breath test, call our criminal defense law firm – we provide strong defenses to DUI charges and breath test refusal charges.

How will a DUI conviction affect my military career?

Preparing a strong DUI/DWI defense is especially important if you are in the military. Soldiers can experience career-ending consequences because of a DUI. A first-offense DUI conviction usually results in a general letter of reprimand. A second-offense DUI conviction could result in you being forced out. Fort Gordon DUI attorney Hammond knows military law. With over 25 years of legal experience and over 25 years of military experience, he can provide the aggressive and skilled defense you need to fight these serious consequences.

Contact The Firm For Experience You Can Trust

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, take action. Contact the firm’s Evans office by calling 706-993-2785. Shawn fights drinking-and-driving accusations by preparing a strong DUI/DWI defense.