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Types of Adoptions

1. Stepparent Adoptions

    1. For families in which a biological parent has remarried and the stepparent wishes to become a full legal parent, proceeding with a stepparent adoption may be a positive step for the family unit. The Augusta Adoption law firm of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates has assisted clients throughout Georgia with stepparent adoptions for over 15 years. They are committed to their clients, their children and the entire family’s best interests.
    2. Some children do not have a true relationship with their absent biological parent and view the stepparent as their mother or father. Stepparent adoptions ensure stability and security for the child and permit the stepparent to become a full legal parent. If desired, the child’s last name can be changed as part of the adoption process. Some courts require an adoption evaluation in stepparent adoptions.

2. Relative Adoptions

    1. Many individuals do not plan in advance to raise children born to family members. Due to numerous social and economic issues and the commitment to keep children in their families, relative adoptions are increasing in number each year. Frequently, relatives assume the responsibility of parenting

3. Agency Adoptions

    1. The Augusta Adoption law firm of Shawn P. Hammond and Associates is pleased to assist clients in the process of domestic agency adoptions. In a domestic agency adoption, the birth mother has transferred her parental rights to the agency, which then places the child with adoptive parents.

4. Interstate Adoptions

    1. Working with an experienced adoption attorney is important no matter the circumstances. This is especially true in interstate adoptions because state laws may differ and even conflict with each other. If the wrong legal documents are used, or if state or federal statutes are violated, the adoption could be challenged at a later date or a court may refuse to finalize the adoption.
    2. As an Augusta, Georgia adoption attorney with more than 15 years of experience the law offices of Shawn P. Hammond and associates have the ability to handle your interstate adoption with the highest degree of competence and professionalism.

5. International Adoptions

    1. The law offices of Shawn P. Hammond has helped many families seeking to adopt internationally. As with all other adoptions, international adoptions require that families work with an attorney who has an understanding of state and federal laws. The Augusta Adoption law firm of Shawn P. Hammond accommodates each individual client. They understand the seriousness of the decision to adopt internationally and will use their best efforts to ensure that the process is handled smoothly.